CASE STUDY:3390 | refrigeration &
Associated Heat Pump Equipment

By Micheal Ashraf | December 15,2022

Cold Storage Specialist Engages ASED Consulting International for The Design & Specification of Refrigeration & Associated Heat Pump Equipment

Client: Confidential
Sector: Cold Storage & Distribution
Location: Sydney, New South Wales – Australia
Site Type: Greenfield
Refrigeration Plant: Ammonia – Carbon Dioxide Cascade Refrigeration System
Low Temperature Loads: Cascade Direct Expansion Carbon Dioxide (R744 – CO2). Chilled Glycol Re-Condensing.
Medium Temperature Loads: Ammonia (R717 – NH3) Flooded Evaporator Glycol Chilling Package.
Heating Loads: High Demand Ammonia (R717 – NH3) Heat Pump.
Configuration: Centralised Integrated Packages
Commissioned: 2022
Job Number: P.3390.Q1.22

Design & Consulting Services Provided:

1.Detailed Design of Refrigeration and Heat Pump Systems,
2.Ammonia (R717 – NH3) Refrigeration Specification,
3. Carbon Dioxide (R744 – CO2) Refrigeration Specification,
4. Ammonia (R717 – NH3) Heat Pump Specification,
5. Electrical, Plant & Process Control Specification,
6. Project Management & Supervision,
7. Contractor Tender Submission Review.


ASED Consulting International PTY LTD was engaged to provide detailed engineering design and specification for a greenfield cold storage & distribution centre located in Sydney, New South Wales. The client owns and runs many cold storage warehouses with large ammonia refrigerant charges.

The client requested a design be undertaken, which limited the refrigerant charge onsite, required less maintenance as compared to traditional pumped ammonia-based refrigeration equipment and was highly energy efficient.


Multiple configurations of refrigeration systems and heat pump equipment design was presented to the client based on careful thermal modelling and energy consumption simulations. It was made evident that for the layout of the refrigerated facility the most energy efficient configuration would be to use an ammonia to glycol fluid chilling system in conjunction with Carbon dioxide equipment performing all the low temperature duties, all heating duties would be provided by a dedicated ammonia-based heat pump

ASED put forth a proposal to design low charge ammonia-based glycol chilling equipment to perform all the medium temperature cooling, the glycol chiller would also provide recondensing duty for the sub-critical carbon dioxide-based refrigeration system. The carbon dioxide equipment was designed to serve the blast freezer and storage freezers. A direct coupled high demand heat pump was also designed to serve the entire facilities heating loads

The Solution:

ASED incorporated a bespoke refrigeration and heat pump system design, this includes;

Equipment Capacities:

Refrigeration Duty

Heating Duty:

“Partner with leaders in the refrigeration consulting industry on your next project, for a bespoke design and solution”.

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